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 May 2015 Training Day

 Thanks to Clayton Taylor for hosting the May training day. This was a nice tune-up session for the upcoming HRC test. The day was beautiful, the dog work fun and, as usual, Clayton went over-the-top with a lunch spread afterwards.     


 April 2015 Training Day

 Big thanks to Jeremy Legge for hosting the April training day. We had a great turnout and put up some challenging marks and blinds. Thanks to all the members and guests that came out to enjoy the great weather and grounds.     


 March 2015 Open House/Training Day

 Thanks to everyone for coming out to the 3rd annual New Member Open House and Training day. A soggy morning with friends, retrievers, and birds - it couldn't have been more ducky!     

 February 2015 Upland Training Day

 Big thanks to Steve and Jane Earick for hosting the 2015 Upland Training day for InDucky HRC. The event was well attended with over 20 people in attendance. Special thanks to everyone that helped out shooting, running and planting birds and loading wingers. The weather was perfect and a good time was had by all.
-Photos credit of Cally Simpson   

 March 2014 Open House/Training Day

 We want to thank everyone for coming out to the 2nd annual New Member Open house and training day. The weather cooperated with us and we were able to introduce some new dogs and handlers to an HRC test and InDucky training day.    

February 2014 Upland Training

 A great upland training day at Steve and Jane Earick's.  



Fall 2013 Hunt Test

We want to thank all of the members, handlers, judges and landowners that made this a very sucessful test. Everyone enjoyed the banquet and junior handler/puppy stakes.  



 August 2013 Training Day

 What a great training day in the big marsh. I think everyone got their money's worth from today's training. Great job everyone.  


February 2013 Open House/Training Day

Thanks to all of our members and guests for making our open house a success despite the weather.  

 September 2012 Training Day

Adam with Cal and Lonnie running Recon. 

July 2012 Training Day

Thanks to Matt Mattingly for hosting the July training date. 


May 2010 Training Day

Thanks to Larry and Pam Carman for hosting the May training date at their farm in Hardinsburg, KY. It was a nice warm day to work a lot of water and a little land. 

April 2010 Training Day

Thanks to Steve and Jane Earick for hosting the April training date. Although the weather was a little challenging plenty of great work was accomplished.


March 2010 Training Day

Thanks to Wade Whipple and his family for hosting the March training date in Greensburg, IN. Wade provided some great water and land to work with as members tune up for the spring season.

August 2009 Training Day

Held at Crosley Fish and Wildlife area. Good member showing for some water work on a hot summer morning. Notice Lonnie describing his last date in the first picture.

April 2009 Training Day

Thanks to M&M hunting preserve for letting us hold our training day on their grounds. Great turnout and some great grounds. 




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